What is CrossA?

A versatile platform that facilitates communication and collaboration between different organizations and their members.

Innovative administration model

Organizations of any type can create and manage hierarchical systems, where each authorized user can follow all the activities of the respective organizations. The software contains several tools necessary for any organization to manage its activities and communicate effectively with its members.



Organize and coordinate companies, finance and cooperation opportunities, events, courses and workshops.


Manage hierarchies, competitions, activities, transfers and memberships.

Volunteer Organizations

Create a collaborative environment for voluntary organizations, their members and sponsors.

Research Centers

Handle processes, communications, courses and financing opportunities.

Social Associations

Initiate and promote educational and social projects.


Community management

Content structure and interfaces

Workflows and data rules

Membership and permissions

Hierarchical grouping

Modular plug-and-play components




Bring structure to your member organizations database with categories and filters

Add as much information you need, show just the relevant one

Search options

Filter for all columns


Send messages to your members about workshops, courses or events

Push notifications

Email notifications

Message flows are easy to follow


Create forms for registrations, members subscriptions, events participation etc.

Drag and drop modules

Payment component

Can be generated as a link and shared on any other external platform


Manage subscriptions and collect payments directly through the platform

Secure environment

Subscription models or ad-hoc payments

Financial reports and transaction history

Customizable to your organization

Form Builder
Searching and filtering
Record Rules
Mobile app

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